Acasus consultants work in small teams to help solve some of the world’s toughest education and health challenges. We look for highly skilled individuals with a wide range of experiences, including expertise in school and health system reform and experience at the world’s leading international consultancies and other professional organisations.

Join our team and make an impact
Working at Acasus has definitely been a masterclass in being responsible for a project and building close relationships with senior stakeholders. As a project manager on the ground, you have ownership over all aspects of the client engagement and the way your team works. The level of access that you develop with senior officials in government, responsible for serving hundreds of millions of people, is breathtaking.
Alex Walker
Senior Associates & Project Managers
We work in small teams which support the most senior officials in government (typically at ministerial or prime-ministerial level) to drive rapid reforms.
Project Analyst in DRC
Project Analyst to support improving delivery of health services in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Associate Consultants & Project Managers in DRC
Associate consultant & project manager dedicated to improving the delivery of health services in DRC and supporting Senior Associates with it's implementation.
Associate Consultants in Bahrain
Associate Consultants dedicated to improve education in Bahrain.

Our Work at a Glance
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