We build, customize and tailor software which drives improvements in education and health systems.

Learning Applications
Our learning applications support children to learn basic literacy and numeracy skills and helps students prepare for important exams.   

Vaccination Tracking
Our vaccination tracking software provides close to real-time information which supports governments to improve immunization coverage.

Infrastructure Monitoring
Our infrastructure monitoring software collects granular data which helps governments to monitor new and existing infrastructure.

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How granular data helped improve skilled birth attendance in Punjab, Pakistan
Leveraging existing monitoring systems to rapidly collect useful data for governments.
By Fenton Whelan & Will Anderson | On March 20, 2018
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Independent monitoring dramatically improved health facilities in Punjab, Pakistan
How an independent monitoring team helped transform the Government’s ability to rapidly improve health facilities.
By Fenton Whelan | On March 08, 2018
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Energising tech interventions
Developing technology that delivers results; Four tips to enhance technology interventions in developing countries.
By Fenton Whelan & Emma Hannay | On November 17, 2017
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