Acasus implementation tools are designed to help governments transform health and education outcomes
Transformations require rapid feedback from the frontline to quickly understand performance, identify what’s working (and what’s not) and implement improvements, repeatedly. The faster systems can complete this cycle, the faster the transformation.
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Designed for the 21st century
These systems are solving some of the world's toughest challenges by responding faster, cheaper and more accurately than traditional systems.
Expert consulting and technical support
Our consultants and software teams work with governments to design and implement data systems designed to rapidly complete this cycle.
A platform to collect data designed to work in the most challenging environments
Improve data collection

Acasus Data helps leaders collect data from the frontline to understand performance. Our team works with governments to deploy short and simple supervision and data collection surveys which run on low-cost smartphones in low-connectivity environments.

Simple: Designed to work in low-resource requirements
Intuitive: Minimal skills required to operate
Customizable: Collect data on any indicator, at any level of granularity
Responsive: Deploy surveys and changes in hours
Accurate: Data is automatically quality assured
Integratable: Complements existing MIS
A set of powerful dashboards which help leaders track performance and improve outcomes
Extract powerful insights

Acasus Geo helps leaders extract powerful insights from data to improve decision making. Armed with these insights, leaders can make the right decisions to rapidly transform systems, implementing change and resources where it’s needed the most. Intuitive dashboards communicate the data clearly, making it easy to identify what’s working (and what’s not).

Intuitive: Simple and clean user interface
Integratable: Explore multiple data sets simultaneously
Stratified: Explore data at all levels of granularity
Comprehensive: Explore detailed information in one place
Responsive: Deploy dashboards and changes fast
Customizable: Display data on any indicator
A series of simple reports which help leaders drive action and improve accountability system-wide
Take action

Acasus Reports uses the gathered data to generate short and simple reports designed to regularly update government leaders and managers on performance. Performance scores are displayed on indicators related to government priorities, such as vaccine availability or teacher attendance. Managers use these reports to quickly understand what is functioning well and what needs improving.

Elegant: Simple and clean design
Intuitive: Minimal skill required to capture insights
Customizable: Show data on any indicator and target any level of government
Automated: Automatically generate reports for each desired area
Scalable: Generate and deliver AcasusReports for thousands of users
Integratable: Complements existing MIS