Data and Analytics
We support governments to build, implement and use powerful data systems.


Powerful data systems help governments to identify what is working and what is not. To drive transformational change governments must be able to identify and understand the challenges on the ground. We use our consulting and technological expertise to support governments to design, implement and use custom-made data systems. Our data systems produce powerful information which helps leaders and officials to manage better. 

Our data and analytics support includes
  • Deciding what should be measured and how
  • Building data collection systems and software
  • Developing mechanisms to quality assure data
  • Creating action-orientated reports and dashboards
  • Coaching on the use and application of data
  • Improving existing systems
Why NOT TO build a Delivery Unit
“Delivery” is a set of approaches, tools, and guidelines used to help governments improve implementation. It focuses on setting clear priorities, collecting frequent and reliable data to measure progress, building capacity and knowledge about how to implement improvements, establishing routines to track progress, and engaging political leaders.
By Fenton Whelan & Will Anderson | On September 18, 2018
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The fastest increase in immunization coverage ever recorded
A glimpse into how 4000 smartphones transformed immunization monitoring in Punjab, Pakistan.
By Fenton Whelan | On September 06, 2018
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Exploring the three essential elements to vaccinate more children
All that is required is a vaccine, vaccinator and beneficiaries, combining these elements is the challenge.
By Will Anderson & Daniela Amura | On August 30, 2018
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